Board & Committee Members

Board of Directors

  • President: Min Sook Lee, Faculty of Art (term ends 2022)
  • Vice-President: Esery Mondesir, Faculty of Art (term ends 2024)
  • Negotiations Chair: Annie Tung, Faculty of Design (term ends after the next bargaining cycle)
  • Grievance Chair: Natalie Waldburger, Faculty of Art (term ends 2021)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Christopher Bennell, IT Technician (term ends 2024)
  • Director: Richard Hunt, Faculty of Design (term ends 2023)
  • Director: Tannis Nielsen (term ends 2023)
  • Director: JJ Lee, Faculty of Art (term ends 2022)
  • Director: Gerald Grison (term ends 2022)

Non-Board Position

  • Associate Grievance Chair: Richard Hunt, Faculty of Design (term ends 2024)

Negotiations Committee

  • Annie Tung, Negotiations Chair, Faculty of Design
  • Min Sook Lee, (OCADFA President, ex-officio), Associate Professor, Faculty of Art
  • Vacant –  (Representative for TIS, CLTA and Continuing faculty)
  • Vacant –  (Representative for Probationary and Tenured faculty)
  • Vacant –  (Representative for Technicians)
  • Vacant –  (Representative for Sessional faculty)
  • Vacant –  (Representative Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants)

Please note Negotiations Committee elections will be held at the January 27, 2022 Membership Meeting

Executive Director