Board & Committee Members

Board of Directors

  • President: Charles Reeve, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Art
  • Vice-President: Surendra Lawoti, Faculty of Art
  • Negotiations Chair: Eric Steenbergen, Faculty of Art Technician
  • Grievance Chair: Eric Nay, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Christopher Bennell, IT Technician
  • Director: Esery Mondesir, Faculty of Art
  • Director: William Leeming, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Director: Bogdan Luca, Faculty of Art
  • Director: Maria Belén Ordóñez, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Negotiations Committee

  • Eric Steenbergen, Negotiations Chair, Faculty of Art Technician
  • Charles Reeve, (OCADFA President, ex-officio), Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences