Memorandum of Agreement 2020-2023  (PDF)

In 1999, the College applied to the provincial government for degree granting status – which was approved in 2002. During 2000, the OCAD Act was revised bringing about changes in the way OCAD is governed. As a result of a major re-working of the OCAD/OCADFA Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) over the period of 2000/2001, the College voluntarily recognized OCADFA as the bargaining agent for Teaching Faculty and Academic Staff. OCADFA was placed in the position of being considered as a trade union within the meaning of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, and the MOA has subsequently been considered to be a collective agreement under the auspices of the Act.

For previous MOAs, see Archived Documents.


As well as revising the by-laws of OCADFA the current Board of Directors has approved two policies for the use of the Board members only. One is a Grievance Policy and it clarifies the process for the Board of Directors and the Grievance Chair and the other, is The Revised Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Academic Freedom for OCADFA Members engaged in the Activities of OCADFA. As an employer, OCADFA has to have a policy on harassment and discrimination on the grounds set out in the Human Rights Code.

OCADFA Intellectual Property Rights Policy (PDF)
OCADFA Graduate Student Supervision Policy (PDF)
OCADFA Harassment and Discrimination Policy (PDF)
OCADFA Grievance Policy (PDF)

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