OCADFA Co-op Housing Caucus Value Statement

• To support a vibrant and equitable art practice in Toronto, we want to provide
affordable housing to practicing artists and scholars who are part of the OCADFA
community within walking distance of the main OCADU campus, located at 100
McCaul Street

• We will not displace any other constituency from affordable housing options. This
will be a purpose-built housing development specific to OCADFA’s mandate,
which will not infringe on any existing affordable housing in the Toronto
downtown core, or on any proposed affordable housing development intended to
serve other demographics

• OCADFA’s vision is future-oriented, meaning that we require than any proposed
development meet racist, colonialist, gendered, ableist and class-based
inequities as these are materialized in designed spaces at the stage of
architectural planning

• We are comfortable partnering with a mixed-use development project, and with a
firm that is experienced in creating such developments, provided that our
participation will meet the identified need of OCADFA members to have access
to affordable housing in the downtown core of Toronto

• Any development OCADFA participates in will incorporate purpose built
community facilities: a ground-floor gallery space, with facilities for hosting
workshops, teach-ins, and artist-run community events

• Any development OCADFA participates in will ensure that folks living in OCADFA
owned units are treated with compassion and forthrightness, and with a respect
for their inherent dignity

• Any development OCADFA participates in will incorporate accessibility for people
with mobility barriers must be a priority

• Any development OCADFA participates in will incorporate accessibility for people
who wish to age in place

• Any development OCADFA participates in will incorporate accessibility for
OCADFA members who require intergenerational housing – meaning that 3 and
4 bedroom spaces must be integrated into the architectural conception of the site

• Any development OCADFA participates in must take into account the climate
crisis. We would prefer to partner with a developer who is interested in creating a
carbon-neutral structure, or as close to that goal as is feasibly possible

• OCADFA is committed to climate and food justice. We wish to see community
space for urban agriculture included in development plans

• OCADFA is well aware that we have cultural capital to mobilize. We are aware of
the economic value of that cultural capital. We are not coming to the table asking.
We are coming to the table with what we have to offer.