Bargaining Updates

Note: This is a new section to our website added in May 2023. In Fall 2023, updates will be posted here and to social media regularly.

Updates – Bargaining Bulletins

This is a graphic titled Bulletin #7 - February 22, 2024. The background graphics show a large red exclamation point to the right and OCADFA buttons at the lower right. 
The text reads: "OCADFA’s Negotiations Committee met with the Administration for 
the seventh time on February 22nd.  Our focus this time was on workload issues. Specifically, we discussed course and total student load, graduate supervision, recognition of the unique burden carried by faculty members from equity seeking groups, and the equitable distribution of service.

Addressing workload has been identified by the membership as a top priority, with 77% reporting an intensification of work in the last three years. Indeed, since 2017 the student population at OCAD has increased by 13% but the number of non-Sessional faculty has actually dropped from 201 to 166. 

Something has to give.
Our next bargaining meeting is scheduled 
for March 8th. We look forward to making 
more progress for our members. #RaiseTheBarOCADU. Bargaining Bulletin
February 22, 2024
This is a Bargaining Bulletin graphic. The background has two OCADFA buttons, a large red exclamation point and the title below in white on a red border which reads: BARGAINING BULLETIN. The text in the graphic reads: Bulletin #6 – December 15, 2023. We met with the Administrations negotiations team for the sixth time today. Our team pressed for, among other things, the need for large class premiums and improved job security for Sessionals; recognition of Chairs and Graduate program directors in the MoA; stronger faculty complement language to ensure a sustainable number of Tenure/Tenure-track appointments; an improved Graduate Admission and process for identifying supervisors; and a title change for Technicians to better recognize their role in the University. The conversation today was productive and we look forward to continuing that momentum in the new year, with more frequent meetings. #RaiseTheBarOCADU
December 15, 2023
Bulletin 5 – November 16, 2023

OCADFA’s Negotiations Committee met with the Administration for the fifth time today. Since we last met, four proposals have been agreed to, and three have been withdrawn from the Employer. 

Today’s discussions focused on proposals that primarily address Sessional working conditions, specifically, the role of student evaluations, hiring practices and the Right of Reappointment, stipends for non-course work, and compensation in the event of course cancellation. We didn’t reach agreement on any of these issues today, but the conversations were productive. 

We’re looking forward to a full day of bargaining on December 15. 

November 16, 2023
OCADFA’s Negotiations Committee met with the Administration’s team today for the first time in three months to exchange initial responses to each other’s proposals. Some progress was made today in that a number of items were agreed-to in principle. That said, we are still waiting on responses to the majority of our proposals to improve the working conditions for our members. We are hoping the Administration comes prepared to respond clearly and concretely to our full package of proposals, so that further progress can be made. #RaiseTheBarOCADU
October 17, 2023
Bulletin 3 – July 7, 2023


OCADFA’s Negotiations Committee met with the Administration’s team today to review, ask clarification questions, and elaborate on the intentions of each other’s initial proposals. 

The aim of today was not to respond with positions or counters on each proposal, but build a better understanding of the proposals on the table and the issues they are intended to address. It was productive in that sense, and we look forward to making progress towards a renewed Memorandum of Agreement.
July 7, 2023
OCADFA’s Negotiations Committee met with the Admin on Friday (May 26) to exchange initial proposals to renew the MOA, which expires on June 30. Our proposals are based on the seven pillars of our bargaining mandate, as approved by the membership at the Nov 2022 AGM. Our focus is on Raising the Bar at OCADU, and our proposals will improve faculty and academic staff working conditions, which are student learning conditions. You can find more information on our proposals on the new Bargaining Section of our website.
March 15, 2023