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UPCOMING: September 18th, 2024 – Please walk with Grassy Narrows Youth, Elders and community members to show your support and solidarity in their long standing fight to achieve mercury justice and freedom.

Note: RSVP is not mandatory, it is only for event planning purposes

Learn more at: https://freegrassy.net/

See also: Environmental racism underlies Grassy Narrows’ mercury and suicide crises,” By David Suzuki | February 15, 2024

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Petition: Respect the Moratorium

In Ontario, the “free entry” system has resulted in an inundation of mining claims submitted to First Nations. Mining companies are allowed to stake claims online, without ever setting foot on the land they hope to mine, and without gaining the consent of the Indigenous people who live there.

Chiefs of Ontario Statement January 2024 (PDF): The Chiefs of Ontario Call for a 365 Day Moratorium of Online Mine Claims Staking

See Also: “Province shuts down Chiefs of Ontario’s request for a moratorium on staking mining claims,” Jonathan Migneault | CBC News | March 5, 2024

Petition: Demand Justin Trudeau deliver on his promise to build the Mercury Home & Treatment Centre

“Grassy Narrows has been fighting for government support to address the mercury crisis for 50 years now, with little action from successive federal governments.”

More Information and Link to Petition here: https://freegrassy.net/demand-justin-trudeau-deliver-on-his-promise-to-build-the-mercury-home-treatment-centre/

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