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Special Meeting

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At the upcoming Special Meeting of the OCADFA Membership on April 28th, Bill Leeming will review for us what has been discussed at the bargaining table up to this point. Further, the OCADFA Negotiations Committee seeks direction from the Membership on five key issues that the parties are strongly divided on. These five key issues   …Continue Reading

Performance Review Process

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Hello Everyone – Most of you will have seen Wednesday’s message from the interim VP Academic, Gillian Siddall, regarding a temporary change to the performance review mechanism. There is some background to this interim mechanism, and some important details that may not be immediately apparent. So I’d like to spend a few minutes going through   …Continue Reading

Negotiations Update

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Dear Members, It has been quite a while since I updated you with news of “progress” concerning OCADU/OCADFA Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) negotiations. This is, in part, because of a lack of progress. However, I feel I must provide a follow-up to the recent “Message from Interim, Vice-President Academic, Dr. Gillian Siddall” on current bargaining”   …Continue Reading

Sessionals-only Bargaining Meeting

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Hello everyone – This post is just a brief note about some upcoming events and issues. The most important of these events is the Sessionals-only bargaining meeting, Thursday March 10 at 6 pm in Room 230 of 100 McCaul. The purpose of this meeting is for sessionals to provide further input into negotiations for the   …Continue Reading

Town Hall, Workload Complaints and Avoiding Abusive Meetings

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Hello OCADFA members – This post addresses three specific points: (1) some follow-up on last month’s “Town Hall”; (2) workload complaints; and (3) avoiding abusive meetings. Follow-up on Sara Diamond’s January Town Hall All budgets are zero-sum scenarios: more money spent on item A means less money available for item B. This is the significance   …Continue Reading