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Indigenization, OPSEU and Funding

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Hello Everyone – As I write this, it’s minus 8 degrees outside. But it was plus 8 the day before and predicted to be the same tomorrow, and these wild fluctuations can mean only one thing: the semester’s almost over. In the meantime, if you need inspiration to stay warm and enthused, just keep reminding   …Continue Reading

OCADFA Notes Issue #1

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We are excited to share this first newsletter with our members. Once a semester we will be reaching out to bring you useful information, share upcoming events, and profile faculty members as a way for all of us to get to know each other better. We invite you to contribute by sending us feedback, news, or   …Continue Reading

The Academic Plan: Autonomy, Academic Freedom and Discrimination

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Hello Everyone –  As we move into the semester’s final month, I hope everyone’s year has been productive and invigorating so far. Of course, we’re now into hiring season, and so some of what I say below relates to that. However, you’ll also see a fair bit that expands on what I said in my   …Continue Reading