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Union Affiliation & Executive Compensation

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Hi everyone – A quick update, and responses to a few queries. First, we’ve got a committee together to start looking at the union affiliation question.  The committee will have its initial meeting next week, and we’ll keep you informed regarding progress there. Second, over the last several months, many of you have asked me   …Continue Reading

Provincial Elections Follow-up

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Hello everyone — Just to follow up quickly on my most recent message, I want to reiterate my suggestion that you take any opportunities you can to let your candidates know about the importance of restoring funding to post-secondary education. As OCUFA right points out all three major parties have been totally absent on this   …Continue Reading

Provincial Election

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Hi everyone – As you know, the provincial election is coming up quickly, and it’s outcome could have a major impact on universities. Now is a great time to reach out to the candidates in your riding and urge them to make post-secondary education a priority by restoring funding and doing away with the Liberals’   …Continue Reading