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Strike University

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StrikeU envisions a non-hierarchical space powered by  cooperative learning. It sees education as a communal activity that is grounded in uplifting others and having compassion for fellow human beings. It aspires to take the stressful and competitive aspects of learning out of the picture and replace those burdens with systems of support and empathy. Community   …Continue Reading

Third party external review and more

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Oct. 6, 2020 Dear OCADFA Members, Third-party External Review I am writing with an urgent request that you attend the Faculty and Staff Townhall this Thursday. It will provide an update on the third-party external review and the 2020-21 operating budget. Thursday Oct. 8, 3:30PM – 4:45 PM Join Zoom Meeting OCAD U hired   …Continue Reading

Strategic Online Activism, Lecture Recorded and Posted

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This workshop by Praba Pilar provides an introductory view of the scale, issues, and problems of the online world, also provides some practical tips. This is the first in a series on Strategic Online Activism that we are presenting for Strike U. Click on the image below for lecture.

Decolonizing Site

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Lecture by Tannis Neilsen discusses colonial, genocidal policies utilized against Indigenous Peoples in North America. Click the image below for the lecture.

September 30: #StudentStrike against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism

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Dear OCADFA members,  Students across Canada are taking action today on a  student-led strike against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism. The strike will also commemorate Orange Shirt Day and take place online in a series of webinars:  11am to 12:30pm: Why we strike and Orange Shirt Day teach-in 1pm to 2:15pm: Defund the police and cops off campus 2:30pm to 3:30pm: Barriers   …Continue Reading

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