Dear OCADFA Members:


A Google Group (FacultyTalks) has been created for OCADFA members. If you are a faculty member and would like to join, here are some easy steps to follow. Once you have joined, you will have full access to this group in addition to posting to the group e-mail. This also includes inviting other faculty members (you can see who has joined, whose invitations are pending etc in the “manage section” of the group online). I encourage you to navigate and familiarize yourself with the options and capabilities of the group. It is fairly east to navigate. To join group:

1. Assure that you have a Google account. This will give you access not only to the FacultyTalks Google Group but also to all Google interfaces (i.e. calendars, shared documents, spread sheets etc.). If you belong to other Google Groups you already have a Google Account.

2. Send me a message: and in the subject heading please write: FacultyTalks Invite. In the body of the message clearly indicate which e-mail you would like me to send the invitation to (it should match the one you set up with your google account).

3. Once you send me this e-mail, I will send you an invitation and you need to follow the instructions to join. You need to accept the invitation. Once you are a member, you can invite others. If you don\’t accept the invitation or forget about it, your invitation expires.

4. In order to maintain this discussion list for faculty only, it is set up so that only those invited can join. In other words, if someone outside OCADFA tried to join the group through google groups, they would find that it is closed to them. The only criteria (once you are a member) for inviting others is that invitations be sent to OCADFA members only.

I hope this clarifies the process and inspires discussion, exchange and the sharing of information.

Best wishes,

Maria-Belen Ordonez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Science and School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ontario College of Art and Design University
100 McCaul Street
Rm 371a
Toronto, ON
M5T 1W1
tel: 416 977-6000