Hi Everyone –

Last week, I sent a message emphasizing two points: (1) if you’re getting these emails, you’re a member of the OCAD Faculty Association (whether you’re full- or part-time, whether you’re permanent, sessional, continuing, CLTA or limited-term contract, whether you\’re an instructor, academic counsellor, technician or teaching assistant); and (2) the Faculty Association protects your rights and improves your working conditions.

We use these mechanisms to defend and improve the quality of education at OCAD University – and, in this regard, several members have expressed concern about the interim structure for the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies, which divides administration of this unit between the deans of Art and Design.

So you should know that the board of the Faculty Association is addressing this situation by consulting with legal counsel and our umbrella organizations (OCUFA and CAUT) about what responses OCADFA can formulate, in concert with other groups such as the Senate.

Unfortunately, this situation exemplifies yet again how OCAD University has changed in the last few years: the administration has distanced itself from the rest of the university to a point where we no longer can do business based on good will and handshakes.

We would like to hear from you on these matters. We’re currently facing substantial issues: the FLAS structure; negotiations; the grievance process; the growing threats posed by administrative disconnect to the quality of education. And their intractability raises the question of whether our present form of negotiation and arbitration capable of coming to grips with these issues. And the starting point for any such conversation is for us to hear from you.

Best regards,