Hi everyone –

A quick update, and responses to a few queries.

First, we’ve got a committee together to start looking at the union affiliation question.  The committee will have its initial meeting next week, and we’ll keep you informed regarding progress there.

Second, over the last several months, many of you have asked me about executive compensation, and specifically about whether the President and Vice-Presidents have had their compensation frozen since 2009 (as Alan Simms stated in his email of March 28 regarding public sector salary disclosure).

We do continue to have questions about the President’s compensation, in part as a result of documents obtained through an access to information request.  It appears to us that the President’s current contract raises her compensation during administrative leave from 80% to 100% of her salary, not only for the leave she is entitled to at the completion of her current term, but also retroactively for the administrative leave accrued during her previous term.  So, we are curious about whether this is a raise, and whether it violates any compensation restraint legislation.

In addition, it appears that two of the three Associate Vice-Presidents received raises in 2013.  OCADFA is continuing to try to obtain further documents through the access to information process that hopefully will shed further light on these issues.

Next, several people have asked me if I know anything about rumours that Sara Diamond has, in the last few months, applied for jobs elsewhere (i.e. Trent, Athabasca, NSCAD).  I am doing what I can to look into this question.

And, finally, many of you have asked whether the survey of Sara Diamond’s performance would be circulated to the Board of Governors. The answer is that it was sent by individual email to each of them last week. Some of them had seen it before then.

I hope everyone’s summer is going well, and I’ll be back soon with an update around union affiliation.