Annual General Meeting

The OCADFA’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14th from noon to 3:00 p.m. in room 230, 100 McCaul St.

AGM 2016 Agenda


Every member of OCADFA is entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting of its members and we encourage you to attend the meeting yourself, to hear and participate in the issues discussed.  If you cannot attend the meeting, you have the right to appoint, by way of a proxy, another person as your nominee to attend and act at the meeting for you in the manner, to the extent and with the power conferred by the proxy.  OCADFA respectfully requests that you do not solicit proxies. 

Proxy submission deadline is Monday, December 12th at midnight.  A list of proxy holders and the number of proxies that they hold will be announced after the proxies have been registered on Tuesday, December 13th.

Fully completed and signed proxy forms must be either hand-delivered to OCADFA’s office at Room 248 – 100 McCaul Street, Toronto or scanned and emailed to by no later than Monday, December 12th at midnight.  No proxies will be accepted after that time.

2016 AGM Proxy Form