OCADFA will be publishing a Spring/Summer Newsletter and we invite you to contribute:

Our Labour in Times of COVID-19

 On March 11th the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic, jolting ordinary life on a global scale and transforming social, economic, political and cultural systems. By March 18th in Toronto, post-secondary institutions focussed their attention on completing the school year, with difficult, albeit rapid, transitions to online working environments. Changes continue to be felt and lived, with significant impacts on social and working relationships.

 We invite OCADFA members to articulate and express some of these shifts in labour and life practices, to collectively reflect upon and contribute to a lively record of social, political, and economic transformation.  At OCAD University, as in many neoliberal work cultures of settler states, hope in digital and virtual infrastructures are embraced because they promise productive ongoingness.  As education workers committed to teaching, creating, and research, our productivity also includes building solidarity by way of stories, ideas, art, design, reflections, and manifestos of how we’d like to live, labour, and much more.  

 Written submissions can be tied to personal and life experiences related to the completion of the Winter term during COVID-19 as well as reflections and ideas about our livelihoods as we move into Spring, Summer, and Fall at OCADU. In the spirit of May Day solidarity across the globe, we look forward to your contributions towards a collection that marks this extraordinary time, in order to share and archive testimonies of our resilience, creativity, and criticality.  Submissions can include, but are not limited to:

●     Poetry

●     Short story

●     Op-Ed

●     Visual Art

●     Speculation

●     Proposition

●     Scene

●     Commentary

●     First person narrative

 The forum for this collection will be OCADFA’s upcoming expanded and Special digital Newsletter, Our Labour in times of COVID-19

Deadline: May 31, 2020

Please e-mail submissions and include a very brief bio to Maria Belén Ordóñez (mordonez@faculty.ocadu.ca)  with the subject heading “OCADFA Spring Newsletter”. As this is a fast-approaching deadline, it’s also a fast-thinking submission about something you may already be thinking about, or,  you have even started writing/making/composing/brainstorming.  It can be as short or long as the deadline allows. The editorial board, (Richard Hunt, Surendra Lawoti, Laura Lovell-Anderson, Bogdan Luca, and Maria Belén Ordóñez) are looking forward to OCADFA’s digital collection:  Our Labour in times of COVID-19 !