Dear sessional colleagues,

I have received a question about the maximum of courses that can be taught by a sessional instructor and whether this maximum has been reduced. The maximum course load for sessionals is 5 half credits. Last year the Administration unilaterally reduced the course load and refused to assign courses over 4. In order to resolve the dispute and get 5 courses for some members, OCADFA made an agreement that entitled the administration to reduce this to 4 for 2020 only. We knew this would be a negotiations issue and are working to resolve it through that process.

However, just because there is a maximum of 4 or 5, the University is not bound to assign that, or any particular number of courses. In other words, this maximum figure does not represent an entitlement. 

This issue is related to our pursuit of Right of First Refusal language. Other issues connected to this include: how are courses assigned, how are course loads distributed and how you move through the sessional pay scale.  There is currently no clear language in our MOA that clarifies any of these procedures. The precarity of our jobs is embedded in a process that is opaque and allows for unilateral decisions, favouritism and unfair labour practices. We recognize the need to fix this problem and create fair and predicable course assignments for hard working sessionals.

I hope this clarifies things. As always, send me your questions.

Bogdan Luca

Director at Large, OCADFA