Dear OCADFA Member:

Please join us for our Special Meeting this Monday, October 28, at 10:30 a.m. in room 284. If you haven’t appointed a proxy, it is crucial that you attend this meeting, as we’ll discuss and vote on whether — or not — to look at alternatives to OCADFA’s current structure: from small changes to affiliation with a major union, and everything in between.

Other important issues that have come up recently:

  1. Negotiations – We’ll be in Mediation/Arbitration with Arbitrator William Kaplan on November 9, 10 to resolve the impasse in this round of Memorandum of Agreement bargaining. There is no guarantee that everything will be resolved by November 10, but we will keep you updated.
  2. Harassment – We are concerned by an upturn in reports of harassment by senior administrators. Some members have been invited to one-on one meetings with senior administrators; others have had senior administrators just walk into their offices. In any event, please remember the following –
    a. “Harassment” is not only “sexual harassment.”
    b. According to University policy, harassment is anything that diminishes your dignity, serves no legitimate work-related or academic purpose, and creates an intimidating, humiliating or hostile work environment. Unwanted discussion or attention (for example, about taking on work on top of your current contract, or to changing your opinion on something), especially when an undue influence of power makes you feel obligated to answer in a particular way, could be construed as a form of harassment. If you have such an experience, please contact us or the Office of Diversity and Equity Initiatives.
  3. Attacks on Labor – Late last week, the Harper government re-introduced Bill C-377, aiming to place onerous reporting demands on all labor groups (except, interestingly, law Societies and medical Colleges). We’ll have more on how you can help soon.
  4. Some Good News – there is still a few days left on the Ai Wei Wei show at the AGO, and another month on their David Bowie show. Admission to Ai Wei Wei is $5.50 with your faculty card; admission to Bowie is $10.50 with your faculty card.
  5. Another Perk – you and your partner are eligible to join Good Life Fitness through CAUT (Canadian Association of University Teachers). You must register for your Edvantage card and you may do so by going to the CAUT website – hit the Edvantage button and remember you are a member of OCADFA. The approximate cost is $36 a month pro-rated, so from November to the end of January would be $108.