At the upcoming Special Meeting of the OCADFA Membership on April 28th, Bill Leeming will review for us what has been discussed at the bargaining table up to this point. Further, the OCADFA Negotiations Committee seeks direction from the Membership on five key issues that the parties are strongly divided on. These five key issues make up the agenda for the upcoming Special Meeting:

  1.  Wage and Teaching Load Parity for Studio Faculty with Liberal Arts and Sciences Faculty
  2. Revitalization of Continuing Stream and Equivalency for Practice/Research
  3. Precarity in the Workplace for Contract Faculty (including Sessionals, Teaching Intensive Stream, Contractually Limited Teaching Appointments, Teaching Assistants)
  4. Merit and Career Development Improvement
  5. Binding Arbitration versus Strike/Lockout provisions for the MOA


Voting will take place at the Special Meeting to give direction to the Negotiations Committee.



Please note that the meeting venue has moved from St. Patrick’s Church to the Michener Institute.

OCADFA Special Meeting: Negotiations Update and Consultation
Thursday April 28th, 10:00am
Michener Institute, 222 St. Patrick Street
Room 1125