Dear sessional colleagues,

We had a very good town hall on Monday centered around sessional concerns regarding hiring practices and work environment at OCAD U. Please find the meeting minutes here. We are planning to have more periodic town halls where we can continue to take the pulse of our sessional contingent and decide upon action related action items. 

I am writing today to let you know that we have discussed with the administration the fact that the August 19 deadline for posting outlines is unrealistic this year. We have secured the following Letter Of Understanding:

“in order to promote accessibility, best practice is to post course outlines on Canvas three weeks in advance of the start of the course in accordance with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, it is also recognized that this may not be feasible for Sessional faculty in all cases under the current circumstances.”

OCADFA President Min Sook Lee has contacted Admin to remind them that academic leads like Chairs and ADs need to inform sessionals of these accommodations.

Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.

Bogdan Luca

Director at Large