Tuesday November 17, 2020.

10 to 11 AM via Microsoft Teams – OCADFA members have been sent an invitation.

For the first time in 55 years OCADFA has introduced a new staff position: Executive Director.  We’ve hired Graeme Reniers for his experience as a labour relations advocate in the academic sector and his passion as a trade union activist with a commitment to social justice and decolonization.  Previously Graeme was an elected executive of CUPE Local 3903 from York University, a Staff Representative servicing academic locals with CUPE National and a Labour Relations Officer at Health Sciences Association Of Saskatchewan.  Graeme’s spent years at the bargaining table, handling grievances and organizing member driven campaigns. 

Now that OCADFA has a permanent Executive Director, what does that mean for you?  How will OCADFA be better positioned to advocate for your rights at OCAD University?  Find out how we plan to make OCADFA work more effectively with you. Whether you want to talk about compensation for home office expenses, job security, health benefits, performance reviews, academic freedom or workload issues – we want to hear from and organize with you.  

OCADFA’s changing and we want you to be part of it!