OCADFA is excited to announce that we now have Member Handbooks specifically geared towards two of our historically underrepresented and precarious labour groups: Sessional Faculty and Teaching/Research Assistants!

We would like to thank Elena Chou for her excellent work in drafting the Teaching/Research Assistant handbook, and all the members who participated in our Teaching Assistant Consultations this past summer and during the 2020-21 academic year.

We’d also like to thank Mary Eileen Wennekers and Clifford Caines for preparing the Sessional handbook and all members who have participated in the Sessional Committee.

The handbooks can be found under the Resources tab at the top-right of our website’s menu, or via the links below:

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: A navigation tool for sessional members of OCADFA

OCADFA TA/RA Members Handbook

We will continue to amend and adjust these handbooks in the years ahead, as well as developing handbooks for other labour categories, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.