We held our 2021 Annual General Meeting over Teams on November 25. Thank you to all members and guests for your participation.

We would like to thank all members who stood for election, and congratulate Tannis Nielson and Gerald Grison on behind elected to the Board. You can see our new Board of Directors composition here.

The ballot also included three proposals regarding revision to the OCADFA bylaws, all of which passed. The three proposals were:

Motion 1 

Be it resolved that OCADFA designate one Director-at-large position for a TA/RA representative to be nominated and elected from the OCADFA membership. Be it further resolved that this position be for a term of one year.  

Motion 2 

Be it resolved that OCADFA adopt term limits of no more than three (3) consecutive full terms served by any member of the Board in a specific position, and that an individual serves no more than four (4) full terms in any position. Be it further resolved that this limit can be waived for one additional year if a two-thirds majority of the membership vote to approve this waiver.  

Motion 3 

Be it resolved that OCADFA that the term of office for Negotiations Chair run from the date of their election until the Annual General Meeting (AGM) following signing of the next Memorandum of Agreement.  

You can view the update bylaws here.

The entire AGM package, including the OCADFA Annual Reports, can be viewed here.